Best Electric Bikes Under £500 - 2024

Best Electric Bikes Under £500 - 2024

When searching for the best electric bikes priced under £500, there may be some limitations to consider. However, despite this, there are still some decent options worth considering. These electric bikes may not offer the most advanced features, but they can provide reliable performance and convenience for commuting and everyday riding.

One noteworthy electric bike to consider is the iscooter U3 electric bike. Priced under £500, this bike offers basic electric assist functionality, making riding easier. While it may not boast high-end features, its performance is adequate for daily commuting needs and it is easy to use and maintain. The U3 electric bike is priced at £399.99 for pre-sale, subject to change in price, stock, and transactions without prior notice.



Another option is the iscooter U2 step-through electric bike. The U2 electric bike offers good value for money, with a moderate price and stable performance. Its design is sleek, and its features are practical, suitable for users looking for basic needs satisfaction. During the pre-sale period, the U2 ebike is priced at £469.99, subject to change in price, stock, and transactions without prior notice.

While the selection may be limited within the budget range of £500, it doesn't mean that you can't find a well-performing and reasonably priced electric bike.

Summary of the Best Electric Bikes Under £500 in 2024

The electric bike market in 2024 offers a range of excellent options within the price range of £500 or less, suitable for both urban commuting and leisurely rides. For urban commuters,

the U3 ebike is an excellent choice, capable of travelling 35-55 kilometers on a single charge, providing convenience and comfort for daily short trips. And for those more inclined towards long-distance rides,

isinwheel U3 ebike

pre-sale price:£399.99
 Motor and Power:250W
Maximum Speed:30 KM/H
Maximum Range:55km
 Load Capacity:120 kg
Battery:281 Wh


For users requiring portability, the U3 ebike is also a recommended choice. This folding electric bike not only folds quickly for easy carrying but also features fast charging, ensuring users always have sufficient power on their journeys.

The U2 ebike is an ideal road electric bike, capable of travelling 60-75 kilometers, sufficient to meet their needs.

U2 ebike

Pre-Sale Price:£469.99
Motor and Power:350W
Maximum Speed:30 KM/H
Maximum Range: 72km
 Load Capacity:120 kg
Battery:468 Wh

Whether navigating city streets or cruising along picturesque country roads, these electric bikes priced under £500 will offer riders convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable experiences.

When looking for an affordable electric bike, you may be overwhelmed by the numerous choices in the market. However, fortunately, there are solutions that allow you to enjoy high-quality riding life at a more economical cost. Within our price range of £400-£700, you can find several high-performance electric bikes.

Whether you're a road cyclist, commuter, or urban rider, we have models suitable for you. Our research covers various styles, including road bikes for long rides, commuter bikes for easy navigation in the city, and foldable models for convenient carrying.

Whether you want to commute quickly in busy cities or enjoy the countryside scenery, we can find you an affordable and high-performance electric bike. Let's kickstart the motor, turn the wheels, and explore the best electric bikes under £500 together

Best Electric Bikes Under £500: Buying Guide

If you're in the market for the best electric bikes under £500, understanding some essential guidelines before making a purchase will be helpful. First and foremost, it's important to note that electric bikes don't entirely replace human power but rather assist with pedaling through a motor. Therefore, electric bikes rely on three elements: pedal power, battery power, and motor power. With that understanding, here are some crucial factors to consider when purchasing an electric bike:

Riding needs and frame style: When selecting an electric bike, the first consideration should be your riding needs and the frame style that fits your body size. Different frame designs cater to different types of riding, such as city commuting, mountain biking, or leisure riding.

Motor type: Electric bike motors can be divided into two main types: motors mounted on the pedals and motors mounted on the rear wheel hub. Pedal-mounted motors offer more direct propulsion and are generally better suited for rides requiring more assistance, while hub motors are more compact and suitable for those seeking independent power assistance.


Performance and features: Considering your riding needs, selecting the performance and features that suit your electric bike is crucial. This includes battery life, maximum speed, charging time, and other additional features such as lighting systems, cycling computers, etc.

Quality and durability: When purchasing an electric bike, it's essential to pay attention to its quality and durability. While price may be a factor to consider, choosing a reliable, durable vehicle will provide you with a longer-lasting experience and require fewer repairs and part replacements.

How a £500 electric bike works

The working principle of an electric bicycle in British English is to assist the rider's pedaling power with an electric motor, providing additional power and assistance. These electric bicycles typically come equipped with an electric motor and a battery pack, which supplies power to drive the electric motor. When the rider starts pedaling, sensors detect this action and send a signal to the electric motor to initiate. The electric motor then provides extra power to assist the rider's pedaling, making cycling easier and more efficient.

Electric bicycles usually come with various modes such as eco, travel, sport, and turbo. These modes offer different levels of motor power to meet the rider's requirements under different road conditions and cycling needs. For example, the eco mode may provide the lowest motor power, suitable for flat roads and long-distance riding, while the turbo mode may offer the highest motor power, suitable for climbing or situations requiring quick acceleration.

Although electric bicycles can provide additional power and assistance, riders still need to start the electric motor by pedaling and maintain cycling speed. Electric bicycles do not automatically accelerate to 15 miles per hour when stationary; instead, riders need to initiate the electric motor by pedaling and gradually accelerate with electric assistance.

Electric Bicycle Types

The diversity of electric bicycles in the market provides riders with various options to meet their different needs and preferences. From long-distance touring to urban commuting, and even mountain exploration, different types of electric bicycles can offer specific functionalities and performance.

Road eBikes

For those who enjoy riding on flat surfaces, road bikes are the ideal choice. They boast excellent range to meet the demands of long-distance riding. In contrast, city bikes prioritize comfort, often equipped with upright seating to provide riders with a more comfortable riding experience.

Road eBikes

Folding Electric Bikes

For commuters needing flexibility in urban environments, folding electric bikes offer a portable and practical solution. Meanwhile, mountain bikes are designed for riders who enjoy tackling off-road trails, making climbing and descending easier with electric assistance while providing longer ride times and a broader range of exploration.

Folding Electric Bikes

Hybrid Electric Bikes

For riders seeking overall versatility, hybrid electric bikes may be the best choice. This type of bike combines the functionalities of road, city, and mountain bikes, offering riders a comprehensive riding experience, making it an ideal companion for various daily riding activities.

Best Electric Bikes: FAQ

What is torque?

Torque is a physical quantity describing the magnitude of a moment, reflecting the ability of a force applied to an object to cause it to rotate about an axis. In electric bikes, torque is similar to the concept in cars, referring to the magnitude of the torque generated by the motor.

It is usually expressed in Newton meters (Nm). When an electric bike's motor produces higher torque, it can more effectively transfer weight, providing stronger power.

For example, a pedal-assist motor producing 80Nm of torque performs well in mountain biking as it has enough power to overcome inclines and handle various terrains effortlessly. Therefore, high-torque motors can offer more powerful support, allowing riders to enjoy smoother riding experiences in different scenarios.

What is watt-hour?

Watt-hour (Wh) is an energy unit used to measure energy consumption or storage over a specific period. Watts (W) are units of power used to measure the rate of energy conversion or transmission. Thus, watt-hours are essentially the result of power multiplied by time, representing the amount of energy consumed or stored over a specific period. For example, a 250Wh battery means that the battery can provide 250 watts of power continuously for one hour. This unit is commonly used in the field of electricity to describe battery capacity, energy consumption, and the energy requirements of other electrical devices.

Do you need a license to ride an electric bike?

In the UK, you do not need a license to ride an electric bike. However, to comply with legal requirements, electric bikes must be equipped with pedal assistance rather than throttle control similar to motorcycles. Additionally, their power must not exceed 250 watts, and their speed limit is 15.5 miles per hour. Therefore, as a rider, you can freely ride your electric bike as long as you comply with these regulations without the need for any specific driving license.

How do you charge an electric bike?

To charge certain best electric bikes under £500, you need to consider the type of battery. Some electric bikes come with detachable battery packs, making charging very convenient. You simply need to remove the battery from the bike and plug it into the charger for charging. This design allows for easy charging even when you cannot bring the bike indoors for charging. However, if the electric bike's battery is integrated into the frame, you will need to plug the charger into the frame for charging. Whichever method you use, ensure to charge according to the manufacturer's instructions to ensure safety and maximize battery life.

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