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iscooter electric scooters and e bike offer users a convenient and sustainable mode of transportation, contributing to cleaner and greener cities. With a commitment towards innovation, iscooter is shaping the future of personal mobility, addressing the growing need for efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives in the dynamic urban environment.

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Discover the perfect electric scooter with our comprehensive shopping guide. Make an informed choice for efficient and eco-friendly commuting.

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Explore our electric scooter performance guide for a comprehensive understanding of features, speed, range, and design. Enhance your riding experience.

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Safely navigate urban streets with our electric scooter riding guide concise tips on maneuvering, traffic awareness, and responsible use.

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Great places to ride e-bikes near you

Electric bikes are a fascinating mode of transportation, and in various locations across the UK, you can ride them for commuting, leisure, or even picnics.

Currently, bike infrastructure is rapidly developing in the UK, and many roads and paths dedicated to bikes, including electric ones, are open for use. This allows us to use electric bikes for relaxation, commuting, or simple trips to the shops, avoiding traffic congestion.

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U2 Commuter Electric Bike
In the fast-paced urban life, the demand for commuting vehicles is constantly increasing. In this scenario, iscooter has specifically produced a stylish electric bike, the U2, for female commuters. With its powerful performance, fashion-forward design, and outstanding features, the U2 quickly attracted the attention of many commuters.
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Electric scooters 25mph maximum speed
Electric scooters have become a popular and eco-friendly mode of transportation, providing a convenient solution for urban commuters seeking a faster and more sustainable way to navigate the bustling city streets. One notable feature that has gained prominence is the electric scooter's maximum speed, often capped at 25 miles per hour (mph). In this article, we will explore the benefits and considerations of electric scooters with a max speed of 25mph.
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models of electric scooters
In modern urban living, electric scooters have become a popular means of transportation, valued for their convenience, eco-friendliness, and impressive performance. iScooter, as a leading brand in the electric scooter market, offers several models, including i9, i9Max, iX4, iX5, and iX6, each with unique features and capabilities. In this article, we will comprehensively compare these models, considering factors such as speed, range, features, and design, to help you find the electric scooter that best suits your specific needs.
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H8 Hoverboard
The H8 Hoverboard delivers outstanding performance with a top speed of up to 9 miles per hour (15 kilometers per hour), providing an exhilarating pace for swiftly traversing city streets and reaching your destination. It boasts a maximum range of 12.4 miles (20 kilometers), making it an ideal choice for daily commuting and travel.
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Hoverboard Guide for Kids and Adults
Hoverboards have become a popular mode of transportation and entertainment for people of all ages. Among the many choices available in the market, iHoverboard offers standout options such as the H2 Hoverboard for children, the H4 Hoverboard with Bluetooth, and the H8 Hoverboard for adults, making them reliable and fun choices for both kids and grown-ups. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the reasons why iHoverboard is the preferred choice and provide essential information for a safe and enjoyable hoverboarding experience.
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Electric Scooter's Charge Endurance and Usage Time
Electric scooters have become a preferred mode of transportation for many, especially within the bustling urban environment. If you’re contemplating investing in one, you might be interested in how far an electric scooter can travel on a single charge and the time required to charge it.
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Top Speed of Electric Scooters
When considering purchasing an electric scooter, its top speed should not be the first, nor the only factor taken into account. Essentially, electric scooters are not designed purely for speeding, and aiming to drive at full speed all the time should not be the primary reason for acquiring one.
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How much is the electric scooter in London?
London, the vibrant capital of the United Kingdom, has seen a surge in the popularity of electric scooters, often known locally as e-scooters. Whether you're a local wanting a more sustainable mode of transport or a visitor looking to explore...
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Electric Scooter Maintenance Guide
Why Maintain Your Electric Scooter? Maintenance for any vehicle is vital, and electric scooters are no exception. Keeping your scooter in tip-top shape ensures:Durability: Regular maintenance prolongs the lifespan of your electric scooter, ensuring you get value for your money.Safety:...
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What is the best electric scooter for off-road?
In recent years, the demand for off-road electric scooters has surged, catering to thrill-seekers who desire a combination of speed, performance, and ruggedness. But what makes a scooter the best for off-road conditions? Let’s delve deeper into this topic. What...
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A Guide to Electric Scooter Use
Are you preparing for a journey on your iScooter Electric Scooter? It is crucial to perform some necessary checks and preparations to ensure a safe and pleasant journey. Here’s a step-by-step guide for Electric Scooter use and maintenance that will...
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What are the electric scooters suitable for off-road use?
For off-road use, you would want an electric scooter specifically designed for rough terrains and challenging environments. Due to their smaller wheels, limited suspension, and lower ground clearance, regular urban electric scooters like the Xiaomi M365 mentioned earlier are not...
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Do you know iScooter iX6 Review 2023 Model?
The iX6 is an off road scooter model offered by iScooter. The iScooter iX6 is designed to be a high-performance electric scooter with a focus on off-road capabilities and long-range riding. Here are some of the key features of the...
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iScooter iX6
iScooter iX6 1000W Off Road Electric Scooter The iScooter iX-Series Off Road Electric Scooter is designed for the ultimate riding experience. Premium battery power, widened footboards, ergonomic grips, auto-grade all-season tires, and a comprehensive lighting system make daily cruising a breeze....
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About iScooter Off-Road Electric Scooter Review
iScooter had a range of electric scooters.   Some general information about iScooter's electric off-road scooters:   iScooter is a well-known brand in the electric mobility industry and has a reputation for producing high-quality personal transportation devices. Their off-road electric...
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Are Electric Scooters a Cost-Effective Way to Commute?
Electric rideables are growing in popularity and are now normal in daily commutes. Individuals are starting to ditch their car commutes and switch to ride sharing (Uber/Lyft), public transit, rental scooters/bikes, and electric rideables. Electric Scooter ownership specifically has grown as people find it is easier and more cost effective.
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The portable iScooter electric scooter
While traveling via iscooter is a convenient way to get from point A to point B, some individuals must rely on multiple transit systems to reach their final destination. Learn more about where your device is welcomed aboard, and discover the best practices for packing your electric scooter in the sky, on the subway, or within your vehicle.
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The Best Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills
Electric scooters are becoming a thing these days. But this is for a good reason. They are a great form of transportation, especially in a very hectic community. They are simply quick to pull out, easy to operate, and just an...
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