Air-filled vs solid tyres – which is best?

Air-filled vs solid tyres – which is best?

The answer is: it depends.

Each one has its pros and cons.

1. Introduction

When intended to buy a new electric scooter, you would face making choices commonly between pneumatic tyres and solid tyres. Let us help you get a basic understanding of the differences between these 2 kinds of tyres for the scooter that fits you best. A few factors should be taken into consideration to select the tyres that serve you best.

2. Definition

Air-filled tyres: Pneumatic tyres (also known as air-filled tyres), made of reinforced rubber and filled with compressed air, are divided into tubed and tubeless tires.

Solid tyres: Solid tyres are tyres of rubber or other resilient material which does not depend upon compressed air for the support of the load. Honeycomb airless tyres are one of the solid tyres for electric scooters.


(1)Air-filled Tyres Provide More Comfortable Riding Experience

Pneumatic tyres are filled with air which allows more deformation when in contact with obstacles and provides more contact surface with the ground. So they are almost all off-road scooters' choices due to rugged riding terrains, indicating that pneumatic tyres offer you more comfortable riding experiences if you often ride on bumpy roads.

Although honeycomb tyres contain air pockets which provide a greater level of shock absorption which is a clever approach for reducing the shakiness of solid tires, honeycomb tyres still provide less cushioning ability than air-filled tyres.

Therefore, pneumatic tyres beat solid tyres in the 1st round.

 (2)Pneumatic Tyres Are Easier to Replace

When tyre replacement is required, an air-filled tyre allows you to pry and remove the tire off the rim more easily.

In terms of the size of all wheel tyres, the smaller the tyre size is, the more difficult the tyre fitting or removal will be.

Thus, pneumatic tyres win again.

(3)Solid Tyres Have Better Puncture Resistance

Compared to air-filled tyres, as the name suggests, a solid tyre's solid structure provides it with undoubtedly excellent puncture resistance.

However, air-filled tyres are prone to punctures. Caution should be paid to avoid flat tyres.

Solid tyres can save your money to buy tubed tyre patches or tubeless tyre sealant.

(4)Solid Tyres Are More Service-Friendly

Unlike an air-filled tyre that needs air inflation or a puncture repair, a solid tyre has no flat tyre issue at all, making it more service-friendly than a tubed or tubeless tyre (almost service-free). Thus, there is no need to carry a pump or repair tools when riding an E-scooter with solid tyres.


Air-filled tyres pros:

Better shock absorption and more comfortable rides;

Better traction;

Control over air pressure enables you to adjust your rides;

Better for off-road.


Air-filled tyres cons:

Flat tyres happen;

Require attention and maintenance.


Solid tyres pros:

No flat tyres;

Less maintenance.


Solid tyres cons:

Bumpier rides;

More slippery;


Select solid tyres if you ride more on flat terrain or if your scooter has shocks on the wheels and frame.

If you often ride on uneven roads with potholes (e.g. off-road ) or ride a scooter with no front or rear shocks at a speed of over 15 km/h (the average speed of a bicycle), choose pneumatic tires.

The choice of tires is mainly related to your use and road conditions. Whichever you choose should suit your riding habits and provide good riding experiences.

E-scooters with air-filled tyres

E-scooters with solid tyres

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