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K3 Hoverboard Go Kart

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Transform your ride with the K3 Hoverboard Go Kart attachment. Seamlessly compatible with many electric scooters, it offers a unique, thrilling experience, combining traditional scooter mobility with go-kart excitement.

Bring Fun into Your Way

You may have come across so many who keep on crashing to the ground on these hoverboards and hurt themselves. There’s a new way to get there with safety and ease. Having a perfectly comfortable seat. Not only brings you a unique and elegant experience but also offers riders far more control and less injury risk than riding a hoverboard. The hoverboard seat makes the ride even more smooth and safer for the kids.

    • Fit All Hoverboards - The most fun hoverboard go kart has come. Turn your hoverboard into a fascinating iHoverboard go kart, which is suitable for a 6.5'' 8'' 8.5'' 10'' hoverboard. There are many options for your hoverboard which can improve your transport or just fun. iHoverboard is the ultimate hoverboard seat attachment for your ride.
    • Easy To Install - It’s not so complicated to install this hoverboard seat. Almost fully assembled, we made the assembly of this hoverboard seat attachment a real breeze for everyone. Within 10 minutes and you are ready to go.
    • Smoothest & Most Controllable - A stable hand-operation to steering and a 360° flexible swivel wheel giving you the ultimate control, which gives you full control of your riding experience. Easier than on a hoverboard. You have two hands control handles which you can use for adding speed, for brake, and for a turn. Also, you control your hoverboard direction with footpads. The iHoverboard hoverboard cart is the smoothest, safest hoverboard attachment for kids.
    • Adjustable and Comfortable - There is no need for you to constantly buy new self-balancing karts as you age. You can change your hoverboard frame length can go from 27” to 35.5. it can easily use for 4-65 years old. There are 6 additional new and enhanced replacement straps in the karting package, just in case you need it.
    • Solid & Durable - Benefited from improvement using all new materials, hoverboard go karts feature excellent resistance against bending, ensuring they can handle even the most road conditions. Max load 270 lbs. iHoverboard poured in the ultra-wide seat and soft, sweatproof sponge handles formula for ultimate comfort.

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    £79.99 £59.99
    hoverboard bluetooth K3 Hoverboard Go Kart
    K3 Hoverboard Go Kart
    £79.99 £59.99

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Christmas present

    Don't know yet as its a Christmas present for our grandson but if its as good as the hoverboard we got him in May he will be over the moon

    Mark Downes
    Hover Board

    Great boards at fantastic price

    Gavin Matthews


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